Clever Cities Group is on a mission to build replicable 'talent ecosystems' for the high-tech industry.

Clever Cities - District New Pärnu

The ecosystem offers the game industry software education (The first EPIC-authorised center for the UNREAL engine in Northern Europe), office spaces and data centre for gaming companies mainly from Sweden and Finland, and residences for employees, students, etc. Restaurants, sporting facilities, Parks, and entertainment avenues create a work-life balance. All this in a Net Zero environment that is genuinely sustainable.

Industry: The high-tech industry, such as the fast-growing $300 billion game industry, positively impacts Pärnu amongst Estonian regions. We plan on creating similar ecosystems focused on other high-tech fields like AI, machine learning, and nanotechnology in the future.
Global problem: There is an urgent need for a long-term solution to fix the talent shortage problem in the Hi-tech industry. Current STEM (Science -Technology-Engineering-Math) education cannot meet the high-tech industry requirements and quality.
Regional problem: Brain drain. Intelligent young people leave small towns like Pärnu as they see better career opportunities in Tallinn and urban centers like Helsinki, Stockholm, London, etc. This makes locations like Pärnu unattractive for companies and investors. The implication is fewer job opportunities, low salaries, limited education opportunities, and low tax revenue.
Solution: Clever Cities Group's 100,000 m² area of a 10-minute walkable tech city district that is a ‘talent ecosystem’ in Pärnu. 1700 residents with 106 000 m² rental space for up to 100 businesses, 800 residential units, and education institutions that aren't seasonal and work 365 days a year. City as a Service (CAAS) is a high-quality construction for rent only.

Anchor Partners:
Full Cycle Game Academy (education and authorized training)
Gamecan OÜ (game software company and anchor tenant)
Estonian Architect's Union (sustainable architectural design)
Municipality of Pärnu (regulations and permits)
Artic Game (consortium of Swedish municipalities active in the game industry)

Lead team: Clever Cities Group OÜ is the principal operating company responsible for building a high-tech talent ecosystem in Pärnu.
Marten Palu - Co-founder of Clever Cities Group OÜ, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Gamecan
Thomas Abraham - Co-founder & CEO of Clever Cities Group OÜ, experienced global serial entrepreneur
Dr. Jonathan Reichental - Advisor, former CIO of Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA, USA), global smart city expert, professor, and advisor to governments in Europe, USA, UAE, Singapore, etc
Raido Lember - Advisor, former CEO of Estonian Investment Agency
Calum Cameron - Advisor, former Head of Business, and Innovation of Accelerate Estonia
Andro Mänd - Advisor, President of the Estonian Architect's Union
Garrett Weinzier - Advisor, Game Industry Expert

Hakera OÜ
(local industrialist Heiki Vahermets investment firm with €10+ million assets)
International investors, to be announced

Future clients and tenants:
Gamecan OÜ as anchor tenant Swedish and Finnish gaming industry companies with existing proof of intent
Benefits for Estonia:
800+ new jobs in high-tech
industry with ca €5000 gross salaries exceeding 4 times the regional average.
2400+ new jobs in support services, such as HR, accountants, support and maintenance, restaurants, and leisure activities operational, and more.
Tax revenue growth for the municipality and central government.
Exports growth as jobs are predominantly export-focused.
New high-tech education stream in the $300 billion gaming and software industry.
Global level self-actualization and career opportunities in globally operating high-tech firms in Pärnu.
Reduces emigration of the Pärnu population and attracts young families to return for better opportunities.
365 days of revenue and prosperity that help diversify Pärnu’s economy from a current industrial manufacturing site and very seasonal summer tourism destination to a more skill-based smart economy.
Focus is to improve regional life by creating an ecosystem based on community, sustainability, high-tech jobs, entrepreneurship & innovation, and taxes in the region.
The high-tech ecosystem will lead the growth of Estonian-based gaming industry firms and new startups.